This restaurant & bar in Kyoto, Japan, needed help with digital marketing.

This small Israeli-run business was in a quiet, traditional neighbourhood in Kyoto, just slightly outside of any tourist traffic. When I arrived, the restaurant had very little online presence and had experienced poor results with Google advertising.

In the digital space, I:
  • Created an Online Marketing Strategy
  • Developed Gojo Paradiso social media profiles
  • Created a manual for future volunteers and how to maintain the Gojo Paradiso brand on social media
  • Helped to complete the restaurant profile on Google
  • Ran a small online campaign to evaluate advertising on three different platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Google)

Christine is a great talented motivated person that I had the pleasure working with me. On top on the regular tasks she had she also left her mark here regarding social media. All this with polite, gentle and commitment. You are welcome again Christine!

– YARON (Owner of Gojo Paradiso)


PHOTO CREDIT: Gojo Paradiso Restaurant and Bar