This social enterprise based out of Hanoi, Vietnam, asked for advice with new product branding and with targeting the tourist market.

VietHerb uses the traditional knowledge of many of Hill Tribe healers in Vietnam to create a line of natural beauty products and herbal medicines. VietHerb is an advocate for traditional healers, local farmers and they expose many environmental and social problems that Vietnam currently faces today.

With their current brand & marketing challenges, I:
  • Collaborated with the current designer for the packaging redesign and brand discussions
  • Educated the team about the use of brand guideline documents for brand consistency
  • Enforced brand voice and translation consistency
  • Provided creative ideas for new initiatives and projects, including their product manual and the online Tết Holiday New Year promotions
  • Wrote English articles about the Tết Holiday and about the company
  • Compiled strategic ideas for targeting the local tourist market and an evaluation of each product’s strength and/or weakness for this market